Category: From Guruji’s Desk

  • successful living

    The original Kriya Yoga, if practiced daily, sincerely and correctly, can help you to live a life of peace and joy, positive health and success, and realize your hidden possibilities.

  • A Tribute to a Guru

    Parmahansa Yogananda

    He was always a smiling, kind and benevolent Master. He never entertained or showed any negative attitude or anger. Due to his intense Kriya Yoga Sadhana in his previous births, he was born into a spiritual, wealthy family.

  • pranashakti

    Whatever you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, think, imagine, perceive or do, is Prana, the Life-Energy or Power of God.

  • inner-detachment

    Under such circumstances, our faith in God, love for God, with humbleness and repeated practice, will help us overcome non-spirituality.

  • watch-for-Him

    Everything, both success and failure, Divinity or animality, Yoga or non-attainment of Yoga, depends on the state, condition and quality of your own mind. As you think so you become.

  • practical-spiritualism

    By the practice of Kriya Yoga (practical spiritualism), it is very much possible.

  • jivan-muktta

    These holistic duties performed in the right spirit, give Inner Purification and subsequently the Absolute Joy of Oneness with God.

  • lobe-of-brain

    The entire human system is represented in the Brain. Even though the eyes may be healthy, if a small area is damaged in the rear portion of the brain, you’ll be blind. Eyes are the external organs of sight, but the real experience of sight is inside in the internal organ of the brain.

  • self-realized

    It is quite logical to think that after variable periods of time, God will come as incarnations to sort out the chaos and confusion, from time to time