Category: From Guruji’s Desk

  • three in one

    In this world, there are two types of personalities i.e. the destructible and the indestructible.

  • duty

    That All-pervading Supreme Spirit should be worshipped, by one’s own natural duties and activities.

  • Self-Realization


    In order to attain Self-Realisation (Liberation), know the Self as the witness of all these and as consciousness itself.

  • Law of nature

    Everything we do, say or think, or even indirectly cause or passively sanction, will inevitably produce consequences.

  • Power of God

    Personification of Ignorance also known as Maaya is covering the TRUTH. Realizing the Truth about oneself is yoga and Self Realization.

  • ignorance

    Avidya, Ignorance, having the two-fold power of polarity, manifests as egoism, attachment, aversion, and blind tenacity.

  • Soul

    All types of religion, spirituality and actions are performed by the body, the field of action.

  • pipal tree and human body

    The individual self and the supreme self are compared to two identical birds. Appearing to be two different…

  • kutastha

    In the living body of all beings is present one pure consciousness ATOM, i.e. one finest unit of total consciousness.