Gurudev Paramahansa Atmananda

“Life is to be lived in all its panorama – Happily, Healthily, Positively, Helpingly, and Fearlessly.”


“You can change your destiny, through Right Breathing, the Right Attitude, the Right Actions, and following the Guru’s advice.”

Paramahansa Atmananda


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For more than three decades, Kriya Yoga Dhyana Kendra, provides as a central hub for the practice of authentic Kriya Yoga and sharing of the teachings of God and the Kriya Yoga Gurus. Our goal is to help you to achieve – physical, mental, and spiritual growths. Our official monthly publication, Kriya Yoga Sandesh, contains many thought provoking articles penned by Gurudev Paramahansa Atmananda Ji. We also invite you to visit our Kriya Yoga Sandesh website.