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  • supreme life energy

    It is God who does things and gets things done through us. He is the All-Knower.

  • meditation 1

    To control destiny and Karma one has to control and regulate the mind.

  • COVID-19 Advisory


    Daily sincere practice of these Kriya Yoga techniques, in addition to boosting the immunity power, give total fitness and enhanced vitality.

  • supreme

    The worshippers of demigods and nature spirits are motivated by selfish worldly success and sense pleasures. This does not give liberation or self-realization.

  • Anger and Its Dangers

    anger (2)

    From the attachment and cravings, strong desires for those objects are generated. When obstacles and obstructions appear in the fulfillment of these desires; anger is generated.

  • Maya or Relativity


    Maya exists, but it exists so long as one is not Self Realized. Once one realizes one’s soul or the Self or the Spirit, Maya ceases to exist.

  • bhagavad gita text closeup

    There is no lifestyle better than the spiritually oriented lifestyle. It brings out the best in all persons and removes all fears and sufferings by helping one to realize the Truth, the Truth about oneself and about the Creation.

  • KY-practical spirituality

    Kriya yoga as we all know is the best way of meditation. It is the smoothest, quickest, easiest mode of living a mentally, physically healthy and peaceful life and realizing one’s oneness with the Creator.

  • practice

    God appears as many, in fact too many. Almost the last concept is that God is the innermost core, heart or the Inner self or the Higher Self or Soul of everything literally.