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  • chitta-suddhi

    Chitta means the Pure Consciousness or Principle of Awareness, devoid of all thoughts or mental modification. It is the basis of all life or Creation.

  • God is your Own Soul


    God is present in every being. We should remember that God is the Master of Time and Space

  • soul

    The Ageless Spirit or Soul brings about a sense of darkness, sufferings, dualities, fears, hopes and hopelessness.

  • inner truth

    Practicing spirituality is the source of all knowledge, happiness, joy, harmony and health.

  • Self help is the best help

    self help

    The meaning of self-help can be many. If not properly understood, it can prevent further advancement or development and can have negative repercussions. Here self-doesn’t mean the ego-self or biological self. It means the Inner, Invisible, Formless Self or the Spirit or the Soul. The blessings from within The biological self or the Ego Self […]

  • Meditation vs. Medication


    All creatures are health conscious. So too are human beings. All creatures are seeking happiness, and happiness depends on health too. The Creator instilled healthcare instincts in all His children. But it is being seen that animals are more conscious of their healthy habits and health protection than most human beings. Animals and other forms […]

  • know your real self

    Help Your Self is a good principle and practice. But along with it please give God a chance to help you.

  • meditate-with-love

    Meditate with love, feel it, and be blessed.

  • The Universal Spirit

    universal spirit

    You have not lost your self confidence and awareness of your Inner Invisible Self or Real Self.