Category: Self Realization

  • Janmashtami – The Birthday of Lord Krishna


    Janmashtami – The Birthday of Lord Krishna

    To protect and nourish the spiritual people, to eliminate the evil, the sinful and to establish spirituality, wisdom, and universal love based lifestyle, I appear from time to time.

  • The Supreme Soul – The formless, purest and the most perfect

    This verse describes that the supreme soul or supreme spirit, is the purest, most perfect formless, yet inspires all forms from within.

  • Death – A Creative Crisis


    Death – A Creative Crisis

    The breath of an individual is the breath of God (the supreme spirit). Forgetting this truth, the person becomes egoistic and becomes the victim of Maya and hence the sufferings.

  • Maya or Relativity


    Maya or Relativity

    Maya exists, but it exists so long as one is not Self Realized. Once one realizes one’s soul or the Self or the Spirit, Maya ceases to exist.

  • Methods for Spiritual Practice or Self-Realization


    Methods for Spiritual Practice or Self-Realization

    God appears as many, in fact too many. Almost the last concept is that God is the innermost core, heart or the Inner self or the Higher Self or Soul of everything literally.

  • A Blessed and Better Lifestyle – Kriya Yoga


    A Blessed and Better Lifestyle – Kriya Yoga

    The best method or technique is Kriya Yoga, the Yoga of dynamic practical spirituality for a happier, healthier, successful life. In addition, this brings the eternal blessings of God.

  • The Real Knowledge


    The Real Knowledge

    Life is to be lived, happily, healthily, harmoniously, lovingly, helpingly and positively. Practical spirituality made possible by Kriya Yoga practice is the key to health, happiness, success, good fortune and divine help. Be a Jeevanamukta.

  • Anger and Its Management


    Anger and Its Management

    People frequently thinking of objects of sense enjoyment, develop a strong attachment to those objects and subsequently develop strong desires for those. When obstacles develop and desires can’t be fulfilled, anger is born.

  • The Secret of Successful Living


    The Secret of Successful Living

    The original Kriya Yoga, if practiced daily, sincerely and correctly, can help you to live a life of peace and joy, positive health and success, and realize your hidden possibilities.