Category: Self Realization

  • successful living

    The original Kriya Yoga, if practiced daily, sincerely and correctly, can help you to live a life of peace and joy, positive health and success, and realize your hidden possibilities.

  • inner-detachment

    Under such circumstances, our faith in God, love for God, with humbleness and repeated practice, will help us overcome non-spirituality.

  • jivan-muktta

    These holistic duties performed in the right spirit, give Inner Purification and subsequently the Absolute Joy of Oneness with God.

  • self-realized

    It is quite logical to think that after variable periods of time, God will come as incarnations to sort out the chaos and confusion, from time to time

  • God is your Own Soul


    God is present in every being. We should remember that God is the Master of Time and Space

  • soul

    The Ageless Spirit or Soul brings about a sense of darkness, sufferings, dualities, fears, hopes and hopelessness.

  • inner truth

    Practicing spirituality is the source of all knowledge, happiness, joy, harmony and health.

  • Self help is the best help

    self help

    The meaning of self-help can be many. If not properly understood, it can prevent further advancement or development and can have negative repercussions. Here self-doesn’t mean the ego-self or biological self. It means the Inner, Invisible, Formless Self or the Spirit or the Soul. The blessings from within The biological self or the Ego Self […]

  • know your real self

    Help Your Self is a good principle and practice. But along with it please give God a chance to help you.