Category: Self Realization

  • Self-Realization


    In order to attain Self-Realisation (Liberation), know the Self as the witness of all these and as consciousness itself.

  • Law of nature

    Everything we do, say or think, or even indirectly cause or passively sanction, will inevitably produce consequences.

  • Power of God

    Personification of Ignorance also known as Maaya is covering the TRUTH. Realizing the Truth about oneself is yoga and Self Realization.

  • ignorance

    Avidya, Ignorance, having the two-fold power of polarity, manifests as egoism, attachment, aversion, and blind tenacity.

  • Soul

    All types of religion, spirituality and actions are performed by the body, the field of action.

  • pipal tree and human body

    The individual self and the supreme self are compared to two identical birds. Appearing to be two different…

  • Sage Nachiketa’s Boon


    Nachiketa, very intelligently, asked for a smooth hassle-free return from the Kingdom of Death…

  • The Purpose of Life

    purpose of life

    The whole creation is the manifestation of this Praan or the Primordial life Energy. The very existence of the creation is the existence of the mind only.

  • desires and sins

    Desire has an insatiable propensity for sense enjoyment. It is this great sinner. This desire, if fulfilled, multiplies like…