Messages & Teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya – 2

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Modified on April 1, 2021

Necessity of Spirituality (Kriya Yoga) Practice

Real Manliness

Ordinary people think that earning too much money(material wealth) is manliness. The test of real manliness is, with how much energy and zeal, you cultivate and practice, the science of the SOUL (AATMA SAADHANAA).

Duty of all people

The quality and quantity of the mind, you spend in earning money and material wealth, a small part of that mind should be dedicated to cultivating a friendship with God. It is the bounden duty of all people. Some people complain that they don’t get time to practice spirituality. It is not true.

Find time – It is a necessity

All should try to make sometime, to practice Kriya Yoga and practical spirituality. Emphasizing this, A Spiritual Seeker poet has sung:


General Meaning:

“As long as our life continues in this world, there is no respite from work. So squeeze out sometime and attach your mind to Raam (God, Soul, Inner Self).”

Connect your mind to your Soul, the Inner Immortal Self, the channel of Blessings. Hold onto Him, in your Soul Center (Kootastham). As long as the Prana (Life Energy) is restless, so long the cravings for the material object will remain. So by the ordinary, restless mind, giving up cravings and desires, cannot be achieved. Desire, anger, greed, delusion, intoxication, lust, mind, intellect, thought, cravings, love, likes and dislikes, ego, hunger, thirst, sleep, lethargy, seeing, hearing, smelling, worrying, anxiety, Me and mine-ness, body awareness, etc., all the physical and mental propensities and properties, all are born from the restless Prana or Life Energy.

May you realize(perceive) this Sat Chit Ananda – the inner you and fulfil your human destiny.

With Love and Humbleness
Paramahansa Atmananada Ji

Paramhansa Atmananda

An immaculate Neuro-Physician, Gurudev Paramahansa Atmananda interprets the underlying philosophies in a very simple, concise, straightforward and easily comprehensible style. His expertise on the ageless Vedic Scriptures makes a profound impression on those who attend his numerous lectures.