kriya yoga

Kriya Yoga – Development of Mental Concentration, Positive Attitude, Faith and Practical Spirituality

We shall be analyzing, “Development of Mental Concentration, Positive Attitude, and Faith by the daily sincere practice of Kriya Yoga and Practical Spirituality”. Here we have 5 words that need to be analyzed:

  • Mental concentration
  • Positive attitude
  • Faith
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Practical spirituality

Mental Concentration

By mental concentration, we mean the proper, deep and pinpointed focusing of the mind, without and vacillation.

Positive Attitude

It means to think positively, to be positive and act positively in all aspects of life. Keep at bay negative thoughts and ideas. Positivity helps in growth, negativity in destruction.


Trust without reservation helps us immensely in achieving our goals. Without faith one can’t go into the depth of things and success can only be superficial as reservation hampers sincere practice and perseverance.

Kriya yoga

Kriya yoga as we all know is the best way of meditation. It is the smoothest, quickest, easiest mode of living a mentally, physically healthy and peaceful life and realizing one’s oneness with the Creator. Ultimately leading to Spiritual Realization and God Realization.

Practical Spirituality

It is governing and conducting our normal daily life in a spiritual way. It is, to be spiritual always, everywhere and in everything.

Mental Concentration, Positive attitude, and Faith

These can be achieved by a synchronized, healthy and active physical body and mind with positive vibrations emanating from one’s Being and the synchronization of the positive vibration of the Creation with that of the Creator. In Kriya Yoga, we practice around 8 techniques based on Pranayam, Mudra, and Dhyana. All these together, lead us to the above-mentioned state, which in turn makes us spiritual in our normal daily life and ultimately leads to spiritual emancipation and God Realization.

We focus our entire attention within ourselves, i.e., we are going within ourselves and thereby cutting off all the negative, external thoughts and distractions. In turn, we are trying to focus on God within ourselves. God is within us and by trying to focus on God and Gurus and the spiritual centers within our Being. We are energizing and stimulating the centers by positive energy, which in turn helps us in going deeper into meditation.

Optimizing the functioning of body organs

Breathing process

By practicing different Kriya Yoga breathing techniques, we streamline and elongate our breathing process. We synchronize our breathing process with our internal spiritual through the process, which in turn helps in the calming down of the body, mind and the proper channelization of spiritual energy. Further, it lessens the pressure on the heart and the lungs, thereby enhancing their longevity. With this deep and synchronous breathing, we get much more oxygen that rejuvenates our body cells and expunges more carbon-di-oxide. Thus our whole body gets regenerated and the lifespan increases and we get a natural get-up of freshness.

Thyroid Gland

In the meditation posture, we press our chin inwards to our neck. This helps in optimizing the function of our thyroid gland.

Oxygen inflow

The Pranayam techniques energize our brain and spinal cord with blood and oxygen inflow. This, in turn, helps us in preventing brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Our nervous system remains ever agile. This also rejuvenates our face, which in turn helps in getting the Yogic Glow.

Kriya Yoga Mudras

The different Kriya Yoga Mudras that we practice in Kriya Yoga, exercises, strengthens and optimizes the functioning of our internal organs and further enhances and streamlines the spiritual energy.

Khechari Mudra

It gives us a calm, thinking and deeply meditating mind. It further enhances our spiritual development.


Mahamudra nourishes us mentally, physically and spiritually. The entire digestive system, stomach, intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, kidney are all rejuvenated and strengthened. It helps us in controlling our sex energy and channelizing it into spiritual energy. The vertebral column and the spinal cord are stretched and strengthened. Thereby increasing its elasticity and longevity. The spiritual energy is propelled and properly channelized.

Sushumna Mudra

It further propels, channelizes, streamlines, and enhances spiritual energy. It also exercises and stretches the vertebral column, spinal cord, and hip joints.

Paravastha Meditation

It is also called “Meditation in the Infinite”, gives us the ultimate meditation, spirituality, and God Realization, the Ultimate Bliss.

Dear Divine Self, by constant and regular practice of Kriya Yoga. It becomes a part and parcel of the body and mind. Thereby it becomes our normal conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious activity, and thought process. This, in turn, makes us spiritual in our daily life without making an effort for it. It helps us in overcoming the turbulence of life effortlessly and spontaneously. All psychosomatic problems like stress, blood pressure, vertigo, diabetes, piles, etc., can be controlled and kept at bay by this divine Yoga called Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is thus a very compact and wholesome Yoga technique that gives us all the ingredients required for the simultaneous physical, mental, and spiritual development of the body and mind. Thereby it takes less time for its wholesome benefits in comparison to other types of Yoga.

Om Tat Sat

May God and the Masters bless you and your family and friends with joyful, stress-free life with all your noble intentions fulfilled.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji