The Therapeutic Values of Kriya Yoga Techniques

The Therapeutic Values of Kriya Yoga Techniques

Each technique of Kriya Yoga gives multiple health benefits. A few of them have been mentioned here below.


  • The mind becomes stabilized instantly. Stress is reduced to a great extent.
    • Backbone remains healthy due to stretch exercise and there is relief from back-ache.
    • Brain & Spinal cord get proper nutrition due to proper circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.


  • Mind is charged with positive energy. Worry & anxiety due to negative thoughts disappear.


  • Nervous system and hormonal system become balanced. Risks of diseases due to hormonal imbalance such as hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety are reduced.


  • Mind becomes more calm and there is a significant reduction of high blood pressure.


  • Practice of Mahamudra gives an over whelming health benefits to the Sadhak. As this practice covers the exercise of almost all the systems and organs of the entire body, the Immune system become much stronger to prevent and cure deferent diseases of deferent systems.
  • Particularly this practice is very beneficial for lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, insomnia, fatigue etc. Epilepsy, thyroid problems are also cured by regular practice of this technique.
  • Digestive system becomes stronger, acid peptic disorder and other diseases of the digestive system are cured.
  • Asthma, chronic bronchitis, and all other respiratory disorders can be cured by the proper practice of this technique.
  • In case, of females, this technique is very helpful for correction of menstrual disorders, uterine and ovarian diseases, infertility etc.
  • Joint pain and other bone and muscle related diseases are also cured.
  • Vigour, vitality and lustre of the body increase many folds as per the quality and the quantity of the practice of the technique.


  • Balancing the energy currents of the body this technique makes the mind calm and concentrated. Enhances memory and understanding. Problem-solving capacity increases.
  • Worry, anxiety, stress, strain like psychological elements disappears. Asthma and chronic lung diseases are cured. Blood pressure and blood sugar remain in control.
    • The Mind becomes calm more and more and gradually rests in meditation. There is a great feeling of happiness.


  • In this technique, there is an exercise of the vertebral column, spinal cord and related muscles.
  • This technique is very helpful to cure a chronic backache.
    • The neural currents inside spinal cord become balanced.


  • All the neural plexuses are strengthened. Uniform flow of neural currents to all organs, maintain their optimum function. All the
  • organs of the various systems become physically strong and functionally balanced.
  • Mind becomes more stabilized and reaches the peaceful state of meditation.


  • This is a unique technique to go beyond body scenes and to realize vastness of one’s consciousness, so that various physical and mental problems gradually lose their strength and finally disappear.


  • In this technique by viewing the Atma Jyoti, one’s whole entity overwhelmed with peace and joy. Body and mind become energized with positive energy. This turns a person physically, mentally and spiritually stronger, sharper and peaceful wellbeing.

These are some of the therapeutic benefits of the practice of all the techniques of Kriya Yoga. More the practice, more gain is ascertained.