Pranayam and Behaviour

Psychology involves the psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, and the medical scientist. But, until and unless you control your own behavior and mind, how can you control the mind and the behavior of others? If a person arrives in an agitated mood, it becomes contagious. That’s why you must develop mind control and sense control before you can even effectively control or manipulate the behavior pattern of others. You can do this very easily and sooner by Kriya Yoga.

चिंतया मान कोम भव्य नित्यम सोहम
chintaya mana koham bhabaya nityam soham

English Translation:

  The Master of the Senses is the Mind

How to control the mind?

To control the mind we have to control the senses.

  • Can you resist looking at a beautiful thing?
  • Can you resist some beautiful music?

 If you are hungry and beautiful dishes with nice flavors arrive in front of you, then you start salivating. Can a vigorous young person resist sexual desire? We might not want to resist it but it can be regulated. You can transform that energy to introvert the mind to tap the infinite sources of all energy. That is the Divinity within you. By controlling the mind you can do it. That’s why it is said that the Master of the Senses is the Mind.

मनोनाथस्तु मारुतः
manonāthas tu mārutaḥ


This has already been spoken of in detail, that is, by regulating your breath or inhalation and exhalation you can control the mind.

How to control the breath?

Concentration in any action will regulate your breath; it will calm down your breath. It will conserve energy. It will transform this biological force into a spiritual force.

How to get concentration?

Our mind is very fickle. Some Saints have described the mind as a restless monkey that has taken a full dose of an alcoholic intoxicant and at the same time, possessed by a demon. A monkey is usually restless; if you give alcohol to him you can imagine how restless he will be. If a demon enters in, you can well imagine. So, the human mind is comparable to a monkey in this condition. But there is an easy way to achieve calmness and concentration, the Kriya Yoga way. That concentration is dependent upon the Divine Sound.

The Divine Sound

If you practice the techniques of Kriya Yoga you can get results within 3 to 5 minutes. Of course, you need body purification. The Kriya Yoga masters have given this experience to thousands and thousands of people all over the world. The most adamant disbelievers could also experience it. That’s why it is scientific. It is open to personal verification. You practice the technique you will get the experience.

God Bless you all with Love, Life, Light, and Laughter.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji