Jyoti Mudra

Jyoti Mudra – The Remover of Sins

Body over Matter, Mind over Body, Soul over Mind, God over and with Soul

When God, the Supreme-being created the Creation, with all its Limitlessness and Limitedness, he let loose of His Unlimited Powers (Shakti). He (Paramatma, Param Brahman, God, Mahadeva, Maha Vishnu) is formless, indescribable, non-manifested beyond three qualities of nature, beyond the Creator and the Creation. Yet he is abiding in the Creator and each and every item of the creation, as their innermost Self. That single, manifested, one of the Unlimited Powers of God is known as “Praana” by the Yogis. It is also called “The Brahman” of the Vedanta or as “Divine Mother” or “Shakti” or “Devi” of the devotees worshiping the God of Shakti. The follower of the Vaishnav cult, call it Lord Vishnu. The followers of the Shaiva cult call it Shiva. That Praana is again described as Paraa Prana (Higher Praana or Purusha), Mother Nature and Aparna Prana, Prakriti (Lower nature of The Creation). The Praana is present in every being as undifferentiated life energy.

On differentiation, it is perceived as:

These 3 Divine Energies or Higher Life Energy can be perceived by practicing the Jyoti Mudra (or Yoni Mudra) of the original and classical Kriya Yoga. These energies can be within oneself by following the Gurus instructions and doing the techniques correctly.

Jyoti Mudra of 1st Kriya

In Jyoti Mudra, one can perceive this Supreme Power of God as Divine Light or Light of the Inner Self or the Soul. One can perceive this divine light by the third eye or wisdom eye or pure consciousness; it is not visible to external eyes. When one perceives this light of God or “Atmajyoti” or Soul light, one is filled with peace, inner joy, and calmness. The eyes become bright, shining, and calm. All restlessness and nervousness are gone. One becomes, calmly active, and actively calm. The bright sunlight like light but the cool and soothing light of the full moon has healing power. This nectar-like Divine light pervades all the cells, tissues, organs, limbs of the body.

This nectar-like Divine Light pervades the mind, intellect, and ego and purifies them. This Divine Light removes all disharmony and imbalances and sins. This Divine Light has a purifying power. The exact technique has to be learned from the Guru or Yogacharya, during initiation. The basic and simpler 1st Kriya Jyoti Mudra is taught during the initiation. Here the breath is concentrated in each Chakra with the simultaneous practice of Pranayam from each Chakra;

  • ApaanaIt gets merged and surrendered in the Sahshar Maha Agni or Soul Fire
  • SamaanaIt is given as oblation 
  • UdaanaIt is surrendered

Then one can perceive the very bright and soothing light energy of the Soul. It appears like a deep-blue or blue-black tunnel surrounded by a bright white mass of Divine Light, which again is surrounded by orange, yellow golden light.

At that time one is not aware of the external or internal surroundings, only light, light and light and joy, and peace. No prayers, no chanting, and no thought. Only awareness, brightness and peace, and joy. To get the benefit of Jyoti Mudra, one should practice Paraavastha” or deep Nirakaar Dhyanam, which will lead to Samadhi of Raja Yoga.

Jyoti Mudra of 2nd Kriya

It is much more advanced than the 1st Kriya Jyoti Mudra. Here all the nine gates of the City of 9 Gates are closed. Each Chakra is united with the Soul by a special Pranayam technique. It is very energizing and invigorating. The benefits are obtainable more in less time. As each Chakra is the controlling and regulating center of all the inner organs in the region of that Chakra, the inner health vitality is improved. Diseases are cured and the obstacles get removed.

Please remember there is much more to life than one can know or imagine.

Life is precious, human life is more precious, healthy human life is much more precious, healthy human spiritual life is precious which is beyond imagination. One should not neglect health and spiritual practice (Dharma).

I pray to god and our merciful Gurus to Bless you, Guide you, Protect you and Inspire you.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji