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  • How to control the mind ?


    How to control the mind ?

    When the wings of a high flying bird are completely broken, it can no longer fly.

  • Dama, Daya and Dana


    Dama, Daya and Dana

    Success comes with purity, patience, perseverance and practice.

  • A Scientific approach to Kriya Yoga


    A Scientific approach to Kriya Yoga

    Kriya Yoga is a scientific technique, non-sectarian and free from dogmatic view.

  • What is Kriya Yoga ?


    What is Kriya Yoga ?

    Kriya Yoga gives a strong and vigorous health, efficiency in work, power of decision making, a sense of Universal Love and harmony with fellow human beings and the Whole Creation

  • Mental Association


    Mental Association

    The mind is ever seeking pleasures, wrongly thinking sense pleasures as happiness, in these or through these organs of senses.

  • On the Altar of God’s Love


    On the Altar of God’s Love

    A negative approach in thoughts, speech and action is to be shunned. In this regard there is no better guide than The Holy Bhagavad Gita.

  • Guru and Guru Purnima


    Guru and Guru Purnima

    Mahamuni Veda Vyāsa was born on this particular day of Ashada Purima (Mahashadi, Full Moon day of the month of Ashada). It is on this day, he completed writing, editing and compiling the 4 Vedas.

  • Aspects of Kriya Yoga


    Aspects of Kriya Yoga

    We cannot afford to retire to an Ascetic hermitage or to an Ashram. We have to live in this very life among our family, friends and relatives and among our colleagues.

  • Mahamudra – The panacea of all diseases


    Mahamudra – The panacea of all diseases

    We will discuss how Mahamudra, during its three main postures; exercises, energizes, vitalizes, purifies and refines the different parts and systems