• New Year Greetings 2019


    The divine techniques of Kriya Yoga and practical spirituality was and is being made popular and available to all human being irrespective of race, culture, religion, caste, creed, sect and gender.

  • oneness

    Everything and all, whatever we perceive and we don’t perceive is pervaded by God, inside & outside the ultimate shelter of all creatures. So please remember, we are surrounded by God, we are filled up inside and outside with God. God is everywhere all the time.

  • faith

    When a man feels that Absolute Joy, he attains the Supreme Knowledge, and becomes identical with the Ananda Swarupa Brahma.

  • successful living

    The original Kriya Yoga, if practiced daily, sincerely and correctly, can help you to live a life of peace and joy, positive health and success, and realize your hidden possibilities.

  • A Tribute to a Guru

    Parmahansa Yogananda

    He was always a smiling, kind and benevolent Master. He never entertained or showed any negative attitude or anger. Due to his intense Kriya Yoga Sadhana in his previous births, he was born into a spiritual, wealthy family.

  • kriya yoga technique

    Mind is charged with positive energy. Worry & anxiety due to negative thoughts disappear. Nervous system and hormonal system become balanced. Risks of diseases due to hormonal imbalance such as hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety are reduced.

  • unfolding divinity

    Brahman is the One and Only Truth. There is nothing beyond It and there is nothing other than It. It is the Highest Knowledge. It is the Eternal Infinity beyond Time and Space

  • pranashakti

    Whatever you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, think, imagine, perceive or do, is Prana, the Life-Energy or Power of God.

  • How to control the mind ?


    When the wings of a high flying bird are completely broken, it can no longer fly.