• Messages & Teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya – 2

    Necessity of Spirituality (Kriya Yoga) Practice Real Manliness Ordinary people think that earning too much money(material wealth) is manliness. The test of real manliness is, with how much energy and zeal, you cultivate and practice, the science of the SOUL (AATMA SAADHANAA). Duty of all people The quality and quantity of the mind, you spend […]

  • Messages & Teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya-1

    To be in his presence was Sadhana, or Spiritual Practice or Yoga. To be in his presence elevated the divinity and spiritual level of a person.

  • The appearance of God – Part4

    At the time of Pralaya, The Cosmic Deluge, the world comes to an end.

  • The appearance of God – Part3

    God is SAT CHIT ANANDA. He is your own Soul, your Immortal Infinite, Inner Self.

  • The Appearance of God – Part2

    नीलः पतङ्गो हरितो लोहिताक्षस्तडिद्गर्भ ऋतवः समुद्राः ।नीहारधूमार्कानिलानलानां खद्योतविद्युत्स्फटिकशशीनाम् । NEELAH PATANGO HARITO LOHITAAKHYASTADID GARBHA RUTAVAH SAMUDRAAHANAADIMATWAM BIBHUTWENA WARTASEYATOJAATAANI BHUVANAANI VISHWAA (Swetaswetaara Upanishad Chapter-4 Verse-4) Verse Analysis: NEELAH PATANGAH The blue butterfly HARITO LOHITAAKHY The green-colored and red-eyed parrot TADID GARBHAH The lightening carrying clouds RUTABHAH The seasons SAMUDRAH The oceans ANAADIMAT Without beginning TWAM Thou […]

  • The Appearance of God – Part1

    God is known as Paramatma (The Supreme Soul), also known as ParamBrahmam (The Supreme Spirit).

  • Deepavali(Diwali)-Kali(Lakshmi) Pujanam

    The 3 Goddesses – MahaKali, MahaLakshmi, and MahaSaraswati are the 3 principal functions of the Supreme Divine Mother Durga also known as MahaMaya.

  • Importance of Kenopanishad

    The mind is matter and is conditioned. It is not free or independent or self-existent. By nature, the mind is extremely restless and extroverted.

  • Nirvana – Blessedness

    The Bhagavad Gita is the combined knowledge and balanced combination and summary of all the Upanisads.