• Relationship between The Upanishads and The Bhagavad Gita

    The Upanishads are the unending source and storehouse of spiritual knowledge and philosophy.

  • Why Do People Commit Sins?

    Desire has an insatiable propensity for sense enjoyment. It is this great sinner. This desire, if fulfilled, multiplies like…

  • The Dangers and Complications of Desires

    The wisdom and intellect of human beings are covered and hidden by desire…

  • Teachings of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya

    By spiritual practice, the person getting rid of infinite sleep of delusion, attains Godhood, i.e. eternal calmness and joy.

  • The Ultimate Shelter and Abode

    The foundation of spirituality and spiritual knowledge are austerities, self-discipline, and performance of right actions.

  • Realization of the Immortal Inner Self

    Dear Immortal Soul, Dear Godlike friends, Pranams, Loving and Humble Greetings. प्रतिबोधविदितं मतममृतत्वं हि विन्दते ।आत्मना विन्दते वीर्यं विद्यया विन्दतेऽमृतम् ॥ १२ ॥ Prati bodha biditam matam amrutatwam hi bindate |aatmanaa bindate birjyam viddyayaa bindate amrutam || 12 || (Kenopanishad Part2 Verse12) One should know and be aware of God in each state of consciousness. […]

  • Covid-19 pandemic and how to face the situation

    To the human race Dear Fellow Members of the Human Race, Loving Greetings and Namaste. The Covid-19 has enforced house arrest on the human race, irrespective of race, culture, religion, social order, gender, age, and profession, and beliefs & disbeliefs. It has enforced a disciplined life of a Yogi or an Ascetic. It has enforced […]

  • How the limited can know the unlimited?

    God is neither an object nor matter.

  • Messages & Teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya – 3

    Necessity of Spirituality (Kriya Yoga) Practice Prana – The Prime Mover In short, whatever condition the body and the mind exist during the living state, all these are born from restless Prana or Life Energy. As soon as a baby is born, the Prana, Life Energy becomes restless and the Breathing starts. As long as […]