• kutastha

    In the living body of all beings is present one pure consciousness ATOM, i.e. one finest unit of total consciousness.

  • Sage Nachiketa’s Boon


    Nachiketa, very intelligently, asked for a smooth hassle-free return from the Kingdom of Death…

  • The Purpose of Life

    purpose of life

    The whole creation is the manifestation of this Praan or the Primordial life Energy. The very existence of the creation is the existence of the mind only.

  • upanishads

    The Upanishads are the unending source and storehouse of spiritual knowledge and philosophy.

  • desires and sins

    Desire has an insatiable propensity for sense enjoyment. It is this great sinner. This desire, if fulfilled, multiplies like…

  • complications and desires

    The wisdom and intellect of human beings are covered and hidden by desire…

  • teachings

    By spiritual practice, the person getting rid of infinite sleep of delusion, attains Godhood, i.e. eternal calmness and joy.

  • Abode

    The foundation of spirituality and spiritual knowledge are austerities, self-discipline, and performance of right actions.

  • self realizations

    Dear Immortal Soul, Dear Godlike friends, Pranams, Loving and Humble Greetings. प्रतिबोधविदितं मतममृतत्वं हि विन्दते ।आत्मना विन्दते वीर्यं विद्यया विन्दतेऽमृतम् ॥ १२ ॥ Prati bodha biditam matam amrutatwam hi bindate |aatmanaa bindate birjyam viddyayaa bindate amrutam || 12 || (Kenopanishad Part2 Verse12) One should know and be aware of God in each state of consciousness. […]