Paramahansa Atmananda – A Tribute


I have known Paramahansa Atmananda Ji for many years. The very first time I have seen him in 1996, in a lecture held in the Sri Ganesha Temple, which was arranged by the Jagannath Society of Nashville, U.S.A.


One of my very best friends informed me about the lecture on Kriya Yoga Meditation in which, my inheritance (my late grandfather and my parents) had been initiated into Kriya Yoga from Sri Nagendranath Chowdhury, Chittagong, now in Bangladesh, a former disciple of Sri Panchanan Bhattacharya and Sri Bhupendranath Sanyal respectively. Both of them were the disciples of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.  I didn’t have much idea about Kriya Yoga meditation though my father had been practicing this authentic technique throughout his life We have been chanting “Guru Bandana or Guru Shlokas” while growing up and we had pictures of Lahiri Mahasaya, Panchanan Bhattacharya, Sanyal Baba, Nagendranath Chowdhury and others in the home.

I meet Paramahansa Atmananda Ji

So I got very much interested and attended the lecture. I was so impressed and absorbed in Swamiji’s views on the Hindu religion and Kriya yoga meditation. He was focussing and relating them to modern medicine and science, about how Kriya Yoga science relates to the human body, the mind, the brain, and, the nervous system. He explained how meditation, Pranayam (a simple breathing technique) can relieve all the stress, anxiety and how it can help us to live in harmony. He also spoke about how it can make one feel calm and unite with oneself and find absolute peace. Instantly I grew faith & belief in him and in the authentic Kriya Yoga meditation. I then realized why my father embraced it so divinely.

After the lecture was over, I introduced myself to Swamiji and told him about my parents and late grandfather who had been initiated in this great Kriya Yoga technique, a long time ago. Looking at him in his ochre robes, he had the looks and an image of a divine representative of God, who spoke to me a few words in his soft voice. I told my father about him and he was very pleased that I had met a Swamiji of Kriya Yoga, which my father believes in wholeheartedly, sincerely and deeply. Since then my father had a sincere desire to meet Swamiji.

paramahansa atmananda

I get initiated to Kriya Yoga

As time passed there came a lucky day that I got initiation from Swamiji, which purified my body, mind, ego, negativity, decay, and disease. I didn’t know how much I understood all the meanings and aspects of the Kriya Yoga at that time. But I felt that I was so blessed to be initiated in this great technique which will prove to be beneficial to me someday. I thanked God and Gurus to give that opportunity for this blissful event of my life.

Gurudev, As I See Him

Until October 1999, I had very little chance to know Swamiji and to seek his divine advice and kind blessings. What I know of him now, he is an ocean of vast knowledge of the Hindu religion, the Holy books and the Vedic scriptures. He is a blissful representative of God in the form of a human being who sacrificed his life and happiness for the goodness and divinity of mankind. He does not have a dogmatic view nor fanaticism of religion nor any negativity and who does not belong to a religious cult in the name of God. He is, but a true seeker of God for infinite divinity. He is a strong believer, of Lord Sri Krishna who embraces to fight for injustice calmly and consciously in “Work is Worship”, and who says,

“You are never alone, God is always with you and He is the ultimate help”

I bow to him dearly, sincerely and whole heartedly.

(Bandey tomaarey guru bandey tomaarey guru)
O Guru I bow to you, O Guru I bow to you