Spiritual Practice

Why Should We Do Spiritual Practice?

Why are animals not practicing spiritualism?

4 things are common to both human beings and animals:

  • Aahara – food
  • Nidraa – sleep
  • Bhaya – fear
  • Maithuna – sexual enjoyment or sexual activity.


Why are human beings crazy for God-Realization?
Why are they doing so many explorations?
Why are they so eager for going into deep space and exploring planets etc?
Why do they want to meditate at all? Is it necessary? 
Why do they philosophize?
Why do they think about the higher things in life?
Why do they speculate that in this human form there is a formless power?

How are the thoughts determined?

This is determined by the front part of the brain. The front part of the brain, known as the Frontal Lobe. A little area in this frontal lobe is the area where these centers for such thinking are located.

Now, if that’s all, then what is the question of Soul? 

And what about the mind that lies in-between?

The brain processes all information from the outside, which it receives. It then presents it to the mind. The mind presents it to the Soul which in turn determines and gives the order. As you know, there are 2 hypothetical lines:

  • the midpoint between the eyebrows, 4 inches deep within.
  • from the top of the head, 4 inches deep; down to the midpoint between the two ears.

That, according to yogic experts, is the Seat of the Soul from where the Soul acts. It gets this information and refers again to the mind. Thus, the action gets executed. The entire body reacts upon, directed by the Soul through the mind and brain.

May the Almighty, working through Lord Krishna and Arjuna, Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire you and remove your troubles.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji