self help

Self help is the best help

The meaning of self-help can be many. If not properly understood, it can prevent further advancement or development and can have negative repercussions. Here self-doesn’t mean the ego-self or biological self. It means the Inner, Invisible, Formless Self or the Spirit or the Soul.

The blessings from within

The biological self or the Ego Self of the mind self can’t give much help. Because it is limited and is subjected to disease, decay, and death. Moreover, if we think too much of the ego-self, we will be ruled and limited by the ego and can’t attain the full development of the human being. This also means no self-realization and no perfection. Faith, love, and constant attempts to overcome the biological Ego Self, help us to realize our Inner Self, and The Spirit of The Soul or attainment of Divinity. In the Raja Yoga of Patanjali, it is methodically described as,

  • Yama
  • Niyama
  • Asana
  • Pranayam
  • Pratyahar
  • Dharana
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi – Oneness with The Creator of the Creation

Nowadays, with the rapid advance in technology, human beings are unable to cope up with the changing times. Natural and man-made calamities are threatening the quality and quantity of life. Grudgingly, human beings are turning to religion and spirituality for solace, comfort, and assurance. The Human being has fallen prey to the carrot and stick policy of their senses & mind. The Creator intended human beings to be masters of themselves. As mentioned in The Holy Bhagavad Gita, a person is his own best friend if he has subdued his own Inner Invisible Formless as his Real Self. If a person has not realized his true or inner, the formless self he falls prey to the power and animal nature. His senses, mind, and ego guide him. He becomes his own enemy. He gets confused and seeks outside guidance to solve his problems.

This is associated with his dependence on others and giving his own self in mortgage to clever manipulators (not a God-realized person). He loses his divinity, freedom, and chances of Self Realization. It is the equivalent of getting into quicksand. The more one struggles, the deeper one goes into it. So accept none as your guide or Guru to attain Self Realization, except God. Others are only teachers. If you don’t believe in God, you should have faith and belief in your Real or Inner Self or Spirit of God. Human Gurus are the teachers and can show you the ways. They should be shown proper respect and treated humbly, lovingly with self-discipline. But they should not substitute God. The teacher should not practice giving unrealistic high sounding assurances. The following are some eye-opening teachings from some ancient yoga scriptures and they are in the Sanskrit language.

ब्रह्मांडम लखन्याम सर्वम देहे माधेये बेबस्थितम,
साकारस्च विनासायाती, निर्कारा ना नास्यती
bhrahmandam lakhyanam sarvam deha madhye byabasthitam,
saakarascha vinasyati, nirakara na nasyati

English Translation :

The meaning is the whole Universe ( Creation and Creator) is situated in the human system. The human system has two components, the visible form and the invisible formless. The visible of the form on the perceptible (body, mind, ego) is as a rule fall victim to diseases, old age, and death. However, the Inner Self of The Formless, or The Soul or The Spirit is disease less and deathless. This Immortal Inner Self though activates, energizes, enlivens all forms of the Creation is one, all-pervading and storehouse of all powers, energy, knowledge, and whatever you seek. The yogic scriptures declare that,

एको देव: सर्वभूतेषु गूढ़: सर्वव्यापी सर्वभूतान्तरात्मा |
कर्माध्यक्ष: सर्वलोकाधिवास: साक्षी चेता केवलो निर्गुणश्च 

eko devah sarva-bhuteshu gudhah
sarva-vyapi sarva-bhutantaratma
karmadhyakshah sarva-bhutadhivasah
sakshi cetah kevalo nirgunas ca

English Translation

That one invisible God is abiding deep within every being as its Soul. This is also all-pervading Spirit beyond time and space.

What prevents us to reach our Inner Self?

It is the restlessness of the mind and thoughts which prevent us to consult our Soul or the Spirit. If by practicing some methods or techniques, we can calm down the restlessness of our mind, thought and are able to concentrate this calm mind lovingly on the Soul then, we can feel,  in fact, all-pervading realize our oneness with the Soul. We can have all our questions answered.  We get the “Kamadhenu” or the wishful fulfilling cow. So if one can reach his Inner -Self, one can have the right answer to all questions.

What is the best, quick acting technique for all-pervading

Our classical  Kriya Yoga is the ultimate answer to self-realization. But best results are obtained by lovingly practicing Kriya Yoga, twice daily sincerely. Kriya Yoga is a balanced combination of all major methods of Yoga, such as

  • Karma Yoga – action dedicated to God including its results
  • Bhakti Yoga – The Path of Selfless Love for the Creator and His whole creation
  • Gyana yoga – the dedicated intellectual of self – analysis leading to  wisdom
  • Raja Yoga – the path of sense control, mind control, and spiritual ecstasy.

To learn this original Kriya Yoga, initiation (introduction, motivation, energizing,  personal guidance, and teaching) is needed at first. Then only one can practice at home. It is simple and has no rigid rules. It is comparable to the legendary Kamadhenu or, fulfilling cow and Kalpabrukshya, the wish-fulfilling eternal tree. We advise our students to learn and practice referring their questions to the Inner Self or Istadeva. Have patience and faith and you will get the answer in your mind. Remain alert to it. Be assured it works. All the time God or our Inner Self is trying to guide us and help us. But the restless mind prevents us from realizing it. can solve your problems with these techniques.

May the All-pervading God, Who is present in the heart of all beings and everywhere, protect you, guide you, inspire you and energize you.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji