Importance of the Body

Importance of the Body

Why do I mention the whole of the body? 

The Soul transcends the body, that’s okay. First, you keep your body healthy and strong. Through the body vehicle we perform all actions, including spiritual action, Yoga practice, and to improve our condition in this world. However, the Scriptures say,

sarira madhyam

3 Types of Bodies 

As per The Yoga Scriptures,  we have got 3 types of bodies:

  • Physical Body
  • Astral Body
  • Causal Body

The Physical Body and The Divine Body

They also state there are 2 types of bodies. One is a physical body, a non-living body; you can call it a robot. This is our Gross Body. It is doing work that is the “Kri” body. The other is a Living Body, the Divine Body. It is the Master of this robot body, that is called “Ya” and is controlling it. Controlling means that it controls the entire Universe. Each human body is a little Universe microcosm. Then below this line at the level of eyebrows and from the neck down till the feet is the non-living body. You can call it a robot activated by the brain. It is the human brain which is all-powerful, which is living. At the same time, we are sitting on the surface of the Earth. We are keeping a balance, not leaning to one side or another. Hundreds of ideas are coming and going. We react to the environment, both internal and external. We make critical judgments. Then we decide whether to take up a particular spiritual practice or not.

I pray to god and our merciful Gurus to Bless you, Guide you, Protect you and Inspire you.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji