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Wonderful is that p...

Wonderful is that person who experiences peception of soul from a Realized Master - Kathopanishad Verse 1.2.7

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श्रवणायापि बहुभिर्यो न लभ्यः शृण्वन्तोऽपि बहवो यं न विद्युः ।
आश्चर्यो वक्ता कुशलोऽस्य लब्धाश्चर्यो ज्ञाता कुशलानुशिष्टः ॥ ७ ॥

sravanayapi bahubhiryo na labhyaḥ shrunwanto api bahavoyam na vidyuh |
ascharyo vakta kusalo asya labdhascharyo gnyata kusalanu sistah || 7 ||

Kathopanishad Verse 1.2.7

The perception of that soul, the inner, immortal self is not possible only by hearing any number of instructions and lectures. Many do not understand, even when hearing too many sounds. The teacher has to be wonderful and the recipient also has to be wonderful. Wonderful is that person who experiences it under the instructions of a Realized Master.



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