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The Sense organs and 5 Elements of Nature – Kathopanishad Verse 2.3.6

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इन्द्रियाणां पृथग्भावमुदयास्तमयौ च यत् ।
पृथगुत्पद्यमानानां मत्वा धीरो न शोचति ॥ ६ ॥

indriyanaṃ pruthagbhavamudayastamayau cha yat |
pruthagutpadyamananaṃ matva dheero na sochati || 6 ||

Kathopanishad 2.3.6

Meaning: The sense organs are derived from the five great elements of nature. The soul is different from these. The arising and dissolution of these occur to the sense organs only and not that of the soul. Realizing this, the wise seeker never becomes victim of sorrows and sufferings.

Explanation: The whole creation of the material world, both the visible and invisible is from the permutations and combinations of the five great elements i.e. the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the space. These in turn are derived from the Avyakta, the unmanifest mother nature. Soul, the Spirit is different and superior to these. These matter from the greatest elements are under influence of time and space. It is eternal, imperishable and the Masters. The wise seeker, realize this. They identify themselves with the soul and go beyond disease, decay and death. They no more suffer from any sufferings.