Through Practice and Inner Detachment


Time marches on. And in the process, it robs the creatures and creation of their youthfulness, fitness and whatever they value and hold onto as dear. People, in the beginning, do not notice the relentless march of time. And when due to circumstances notice it, they cannot believe it. They then feel helpless. One of the greatest Saints of Hinduism, Adi Sankaracharya, had observed these phenomena of time. He has reminded human beings, which is as mentioned below :

दिनमपि रजनी सायं प्रातः शिशिरवसन्तौ पुनरायातः।
कालः क्रीडति गच्छत्यायुः तदपि न मुञ्चति आशावायुः 
dinamapi rajani sayampratah 
sisirovasantou punaraayaatah
kaalah kridati gachhathaayu 
tadapi na munchaathi asaavayuh


English Translation:

Day and night, morning, and evening keep coming and going. So also autumn and spring, and seasons come and go, is the deadly game played by time. As a result, longevity is being eaten up, in the beginning, and every moment we are coming nearer and nearer to the end of our life on this earth. Yet people do not become wiser. They do not try to realize God, Who is their own dearest Soul. God or the Soul is Immortal, diseaseless, decayless, and timeless. So God is known as, MahaKaal or Death of death. Only when we realize this, all sorrow and sufferings come to an end. The point is, there is no end to human suffering as long as there is no Self or God-realization.

Practice of Spirituality

Only Self or God-realization can bless us with calmness, joy and stress-free balanced life. Life is to be lived happily, harmoniously, positively, actively and healthily. What we need for happiness is,

  • Right action
  • Right speech
  • Right thought
  • Right breathing (Kriya Praanayam)
  • Right attitude.

Under such circumstances, our faith in God, love for God, with humbleness and repeated practice, will help us overcome non-spirituality. And we start practicing spirituality. There is a beautiful Sanskrit prayer to God as the Divine Mother.

त्वं वैष्णवी शक्तिरनन्तवीर्या विश्वस्य बीजं परमासि माया।
सम्मोहितं देवि समस्तमेतत् त्वं वै प्रसन्ना भुवि मुक्तिहेतु:।।
tvam vaisnavi saktir-ananta-virya
visvasya bijam paramasi maya
sammohitam devi samastametat
tvam vai prasanna bhuvi mukti-hetuh


English Translation:

O Divine Mother (God), You are the supreme God power with endless potency and potentialities. You are the seed and root of creation and the whole universe. You are the Maya or veiling power too. All beings are engrossed in illusion and ignorance. It is Thy Leela or sport. It is only with Thy help and grace ignorance, and Maya can be dispelled, and joy and liberation can be attained. So please bless us and bestow Your Grace upon us.” But it is within our capacity to practice spirituality, do the Sadhana. With love and patience, we wait for God’s grace for liberation. The whole thing depends on our mind. The mind is extremely restless and cannot concentrate on practicing Kriya Yoga daily and diseaseless. There are two methods advised by Lord Krishna to control the mind, concentrate it, purify it, and achieve success.

असंशयं महाबाहो मनो दुर्निग्रहं चलम् |
अभ्यासेन तु कौन्तेय वैराग्येण च गृह्यते ||
asanshayaṁ maha-baho mano durnigraham chalam
abhyasena tu kaunteya vairagyena cha gruhyate


English Translation:

O Great Hero Arjuna, there is no doubt that the mind is extremely restless and difficult to control and concentrate, but through practice and inner detachment from ego identification, the mind can be regulated, controlled, and concentrated. It is also mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Sutra,

अभ्यासवैराग्याभ्यां तन्निरोधः॥
abhyaasa-vairaagyabhyam tan-nirodhah 


English Translation:  

It can be controlled by repeatedly tireless practice and inner detachment. For success, we need regulating, controlling, and concentrating the mind, in the beginning, applies to both spiritual as well as material success. If one practices our original and classical Kriya Yoga daily, correctly and sincerely, one will surely enjoy better health, harmony, and freedom from stress and chronic, stress-related psychosomatic diseases.