Self Realization and Happiness

Self Realization and Happiness

चिंतया मान कोम भव्य नित्यम सोहम
chintaya mana koham bhabaya nityam soham

Law of Creation

The relentless march of time, in Yoga scriptures, is mentioned as Kal Jagat Bhakyak, which means Time is the Devourer of everything of the Creation. It is the Law of Creation, i.e.,

  • Srushti – Creation
  • Stithi – Maintenance
  • Laya – Dissolution or destruction

This cycle goes on. The Managing Director or Chief Director is Mother Nature, Parashakti, Higher Nature, Para Prana or Divine Mother. The Supreme Controller is God, Mahavishnu, Narayan, Parama Shiva, Paramatma, Param Brahmam. The following is the observation of an impartial, unprejudiced observer, common knowledge and experiences of most intelligent people.

Time is passing away.

It is a very valuable time because every second that is ticking away is not coming back. Every second death is coming closer, silently. Disability is making their presence felt slowly but surely. Physical fitness, mental clarity, and intellectual power are getting reduced day by day. All these bring unpleasantness, unhappiness, sorrow, fear, insecurity, and suffering. Quality of life is becoming unsatisfactory.

What should we do for preventing these changes for the worst?

How to get unending fitness and be free from sorrow and suffering? Disease, decay, and death can’t be prevented. It is Nature’s Law. In the Yogic scriptures, it is mentioned,

ब्रह्मांडम लखन्याम सर्वम देहे माधेये बेबस्थितम,
साकारस्च विनासायाती, निर्कारा ना नास्यती
Bhrahmandam lakhyanam sarvam deha madhye byabasthitam,
saakarascha vinasyati, nirakara na nasyati

English Translation:

God the Creator, has created a pre-programmed Creation for every species on Earth, and also in Heaven. So also the whole Universe. Every form, visible or invisible is being destroyed. However, the Formless, Invisible, Imperceptible, The Inner Self or Soul, of every being is one and indestructible. It is beyond time and space and born from it, exist in it. And the symbol and significance of the whole Universe are represented in the human body.

Self Realization (Atma Upalabdhi)

As long as we are not aware and not convinced about the real identity as disease less, deathless, formless Self or Soul or Atman, we will be suffering, death, dying, suffering, and the negative experiences of the body. The permanent awareness of oneness with the inner invisible, diseaseless, deathless Soul is known as Self Realization or Atman Upalabdhi. Self Realization makes us free of all types of suffering.

How to get Self Realization?

How to get Universal Love and Universal Oneness? How to realize that God is our own Soul, our own Real Self? What all we perceive is God’s own ever new presence? All around us and within us is the power of God only. If we don’t feel, it is due to our ignorance, inability, Avidya (lack of knowledge). This is called Maya. As long as we don’t realize our oneness with God, this Maya is relatively real. When we realize our divinity then we can perceive the Illusion of Maya. In the wakeful state, dreams and sleep are absent. At the time of dreaming, wakefulness and deep sleep are absent. During deep sleep, the other 2 states are absent. Similarly, in the state of God-Realization, one is not influenced by the other conditions.

How to realize God awareness of God Oneness?

For this, there are many paths, many techniques, and many Masters. No other paths can give you God-Realization. No Master can grant you this. Only God’s grace can give you God-Realization. God’s mercy is constantly being showered on the Creation, on every creature, on every human being. We should be fit and ready to receive it and get Siddhi on success. These various techniques accelerate your fitness and readiness. They prepare the field to receive God’s grace. Our original Kriya Yoga is the best of all. Because in addition to God-Realization, its daily practice gives us better health, fitness, happiness, harmony, and freedom from stress.

A Great Saint of India, Astaabakra Muni, has commented that there are so many Masters, so many paths & techniques. Many of these contradict each other. So a wise and clever person should, with critical analysis, rise above the chaos relativity & multiplicity and focus on God alone in all states of life. Keep practicing Kriya yoga daily and as much as possible, remind your mind of yourself.

Chintaya manna koham bhabaya nityam soham


O, My Mind always thinks who I am. I am that or I am He, the Immortal Formless all pervading Selfless Soul

What is Karma Yoga ?

Some sincere intellectual people think of removing the sufferings of the whole Creation by social development work, voluntary work aimed at reducing the disparity, poverty, and sufferings of the so-called underprivileged people. They confuse it with Karma Yoga, it is not so. Sincere intellectual people should strive hard to transform their dreams, theories, and counseling into action. Constant action and that action too in the name of God, as service to God, with no expectation of credit, name, and fame or personal profits. This is nearer to Karma Yoga. One has to be very careful in such a line of thought. because it can degenerate into egoism and false pride. We should humbly and with love offer service as instruments of God, to fellow human beings, who are less fortunate than us. The Creator alone appears as the Creation. Service to Creation is service to The Creator and this service in the right spirit, bring us his Grace.

What is Bhakti?

But the most important is knowledge, i.e., the right knowledge. only right action can bring the right knowledge, the right knowledge brings love (Bhakti), and Bhakti brings oneness, self-realization. So sometimes or as much as one can think who am I and remind oneself, I am That or I am He (Soul, Power of God), it is that much better.

Om Tat Sat Om, 
God is the only Truth

May God and Sat Gurus bless, guide, inspire and protect all beings

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji