Know your Real Self

Know your Real Self – Know Thy Self

तत् त्वम् असि
ओम् तत् सत्
tat tvam asi 
Om tat sat

The Chandogya Upanishad

English Translation:

That Thou Art and Tat is Sat, which means you are that Infinite Power of God. God is the only Reality, the Absolute. This is the Truth, the only Truth

What is the Truth?

The Truth is in the ever-changing Creation; only The Creator is existing. The creator God, is formless, deathless, disease-less, blissful and pure love. All these Creations of Forms and names are He only – in the microcosm and also in the macrocosm. In the Yogic Scriptures, it is mentioned thus,

ब्रह्मांडम लखन्याम सर्वम देहे माधेये बेबस्थितम, साकारस्च विनासायाती, निर्कारा ना नास्यती
brahmandam lakhyanam sarvam deha madhye byabaasthitam, saakarascha vinaasyati, nirakara na nasyati

English Translation:

The whole Creation is existing in the human system of body, mind, intellect, and ego. Of these, the forms are subjected to disease, decay, and death. But the Formless Power of God which enlivens the forms is deathless and disease-less. And you, the real you is deathless, suffering-less, Formless Power of God, The Atman or Brahman.

देहस्थ सर्व विद्या, देहस्थ  सर्व देवता, देहस्थ सर्व तीर्थानी, गुरुवाक्यना लभ्यते
dehastha sarva vidyacha, dehastha sarva devataa, dehastha sarva tirthani, guruvaakyena labhyate

English Translation:

In your body, mind, brain, breathing complex all Knowledge is existing, all Gods and Goddesses, Saints are abiding and all Holy Places, pilgrim places, temples, churches, mosques, etc., are existing. One can know, realize, and perceive them through the personal instruction and guidance of the Spiritual Guide, teacher, or Guru. Don’t delay, time and tide wait for none. Make up your mind to know the real Immortal Self of Love and Joy.

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत 
uttiṣṭhata jāgrata prāpya varānnibodhata

English Translation

Arise and Awake from the stressful and sufferings prone Form identification of yourself. Make up your mind to learn and practice daily or original, classical Kriya Yoga. Enjoy stress -free, joyful life of Self Realization. If you are already initiated into our Kriya Yoga, please attend the weekly group meditation in your area. If need be, please contact the local Yogacharya In-charge of the particular area. Practicing the technique of Kriya Yoga daily, sincerely and lovingly, will give you Self Realization in due course. Before achieving Self Realization, you will enjoy mental peace, calmness, better health, and wealth. Help Your Self is a good principle and practice. But along with it please give God a chance to help you. This is the best policy and the wisest too. May God Bless you directly and also indirectly, through the Great SatGurus and Saints.

I pray to god and our merciful Gurus to Bless you, Guide you, Protect you and Inspire you.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji