JeevanaMukta – Towards perfection



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The aim of life is happiness. But most of the time, happiness is short-lasting and temporary. According to the Law of Nature, nothing is permanent. So any phenomenon based or dependent upon the form is subject to change and at some stage must come to an end. The Yoga scriptures also declare that whatever is there in The Universe is also represented in the human system of body, mind, intellect, and ego. However, the parts that constitute the form of the disease, decay, and death. But the Formless, Invisible Power that sustains and maintains the body form is deathless.

That Formless, Deathless Power of God is the real you. He is known as Soul. The Soul is known as Atman or Self in Sanskrit, the original language of the Veda or Vedic scripture Another alternative word used is Brahman (not Brahmaa). It was the will of God to create the Creation and appear as many. So having created the creation, He entered into it. He is the essence of Brahman of the whole Creation. The Vedas are also of the view that God sacrificed Himself totally and became the creation. The One became or appeared as many. This is the reason why the Vedas instruct human beings to perform sacrificial rites known as Yajna or Havan. These holistic duties performed in the right spirit, give Inner Purification and subsequently the Absolute Joy of Oneness with God. This is known as Moksha, Liberation, Self-realisation, or God-realisation. It is also known as Jeevanamukta or Perfection.

On the one hand, the pleasures which are perceived through the sense perceptions are transient. Overindulgence in it weakens the organs of experience, hastens the aging process, and often cause diseases and sufferings. Mostly indulgence in enjoyments through the senses leads to overindulgence, which is a silent killer. It does not always silently kill but makes life progressively deteriorate and wither away. On the other hand, joy obtained from spirituality and Yoga practice make you happier and healthier. Ultimately you achieve ecstasy of Self-realization or God-realization. Once you achieve Self Realization, you never become unhappy or dissatisfied. You live a normal life, yet attain and experience Universal Oneness and Universal Love or Perfection in the process of evolution. There are many methods of spiritual practice to attain this perfection. Different types of Yoga are more systematic and practical methods. For this, you don’t need to leave your home, family, job, or society. God Himself as Lord Krishna has taught a very important Yoga method.

तपस्विभ्योऽधिकोयोगी ज्ञानिभ्योऽपिमतोऽधिक:|
कर्मिभ्यश्चाधिकोयोगी तस्माद्योगीभवार्जुन||
tapasvibhyo ’dhiko yogī
jñānibhyo ’pi mato ’dhikaḥ
karmibhyaśh chādhiko yogī
tasmād yogī bhavārjuna


English Translation: 

A yogi is greater than an ascetic, a yogi is greater than a philosopher, a yogi is greater than a practitioner of spiritual action. Hence O, Arjuna, Conduct yourself through Yoga.

योगिनामपि सर्वेषां मद्गतेनान्तरात्मना |
श्रद्धावान्भजते यो मां स मे युक्ततमो मत: ||
yoginām api sarveṣhāṁ mad-gatenāntar- atmanā
śhraddhāvān bhajate yo māṁ sa me yuktatamo mataḥ


English Translation: 

Of all the Yogis, he who with love and faith, with his mind, intellect, and ego saturated with thoughts of Me (God), is the Supreme. This is my opinion. In the last verse, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna more specifically. The methods and conditions to attain perfection sooner are clearly and directly mentioned here by God as Lord Krishna. He Himself practiced these techniques constantly and also taught these to great heroes, householders, men of action, and devotees like Arjuna, Uddhava, Satyaki, Bidura, Akrura, Radha, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Draupadi, and many others. All these great souls became worthy of worship themselves.

In Kaliyuga, it is Lord Krishna as Mahavatar Babaji who re-energized this special Yoga and named it Kriya Yoga. He taught it to the great Satguru, Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya, and to all sincere Kriya Yogis.


Our Lineage of Gurus

This Kriya Yoga is a very important part of Raja Yoga in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Any person practicing these ancient but simple and wonderful techniques in the right spirit to may attain perfection, Self Realization or Jeevanamukta in this very life.

I pray to god and our merciful Gurus to Bless you, Guide you, Protect you and Inspire you.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji