Health, Disease and Kriya Yoga

Health, Disease and Kriya Yoga

How does Kriya Yoga produce fine health?

Kriya Yoga gradually prepares your body, to perceive the higher powers of the mind. By improving the blood circulation of the brain, Kriya Yoga keeps the brain young.

The Brain and Degeneration

Most people know that, after the age of 40, brain cells start dying at a very rapid rate. The body cells present in all the systems of the body also die off daily. We are not the same person that we were two minutes back. Millions of cells have died. Again, millions are being regenerated. This is not the case with brain cells. These are highly specialized cells that cannot be replaced.

Importance of Kriya Yoga

It is only through the Kriya Yoga technique, you can improve the circulation. This is done by channeling the biological force in the spinal cord. This also improves the energy of the brain and spinal cord. The biological force gets converted into a spiritual force. This, in turn, changes the entire constitution and “Pranic” vibration of the brain. Thereby, the degeneration process is very much curtailed. This is the only way you can rejuvenate, in a predictable manner, all the systems of the body. You can delay your aging process. Your lustrous youth gets prolonged, and you can improve your body’s resistance to disease. There is no technique & medical science available which can enhance your immune system. In AIDS, cancer, etc., there is no treatment or at best only partial treatment exists. ?

So, what to do?

The only thing to do is to improve our body’s resistance to such an extent, that our body’s “Pranic” vibration changes. And it doesn’t grow old faster. Then we can withstand the stress and strain of the mind. Also that of the environment, the food factors, and toxic matter, in a better way. That is why in Kriya Yoga it is said that there are three most important things;

  • Soul – without which Life is not possible
  • Brain – without which the soul cannot activate the system
  • Spinal Cord – without which the brain cannot control the body

Kriya Yoga teaches certain exercises by which we can improve the blood supply. We can also improve the vitality and life force of the body as a whole. These are simultaneous improvements. You never know when somebody is going to have a stroke. It is not predictable. You never know when a small tiny tumor or cancer seed is growing in any part of the body. Medical science cannot diagnose it until and unless it becomes quite advanced. By the time it is diagnosable, it is beyond complete recovery or cure. So the best thing is to practice Kriya Yoga to prevent such a disaster.

Prevention is better than cure.

An example of an aging brain

You can’t imagine a person of 70 years of age, who is a brilliant scientist or a doctor, engineer or lawyer with lots of experience, getting incapacitated. They can write books, they can be authorities, but everything gets lost if they get premature senility or brain degeneration. 

Point to Ponder:

Hence, why should they get degeneration at all?

I pray to god and our merciful Gurus to Bless you, Guide you, Protect you and Inspire you.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji