Mental Association

Mental Association

Mental Association – Its Power and Importance

Passivity, lethargy, and inaction is not spirituality

God is formless, God is present everywhere, at the same time, i.e., always., all the time, and in all places. God is nameless, yet all the names and forms belong to Him. He is neither male nor female yet they are both from Him and He is beyond them. One is never alone, at any time at any place, everywhere. Wherever one is, God is there too.

God is everywhere

He knows your thoughts. In short, He is your own Soul, your own Inner Self. He knows what is happening to you all the time. He sees you all the time. The difficulty is that you do not remember it and you do not acknowledge it. If you remember it, you have it. If you forget it, you do not have it. But in reality, you have never lost. If it is so, why we forget it? We forget it because our mind is restless. Our mind during most of the waking hours is busy either with the sights and seeing, sounds and hearing, smell, taste and tasting, touch and sensations, and or restlessly restless monkey like thoughts. The mind is ever seeking pleasures, wrongly thinking sense pleasures as happiness, in these or through these organs of senses. But in the bargain, instead of happiness, we develop cravings and hence, a sense of loss and unhappiness.

As a result, we develop negative habits, which prevent us from knowing or remembering, or realizing our own immortal joyful inner self. This Self-realization is also known as God-realization or perfection. Perfection is the ultimate goal of not only human beings but also of all beings. Consciously or unconsciously, we are all progressing towards it. Some more speedily, some more slowly and sluggishly, due to Jadaata. This slow and sluggish progress is known as “Jadaata” of Inertia or Mental and Physical lethargy (denseness). This is a great obstacle for any progress, material, or spiritual.

Activity is life, work is worship and worship is love

Activity is life, inactivity is death. Life is work, work is life. Work has come from God’s power or energy. Every aspect of life and living is a struggle, i.e., constant fighting, both internal and external. What is required is “Sadhana”., i.e., a constant struggle. No struggle, no progress. No progress, no knowledge. No knowledge means no love (Bhakti). No love means no oneness or no realization. This is the most important reason for which God as Lord Krishna, taught the highest knowledge to Arjuna at the ideal place of actions and activities, associated with sacrifices (with all its implications). The tonic for success is a positive action in association with love and sacrifice. This positive beneficial action in association with love and sacrifice is also known as “Seva“. This type of Seva gives knowledge, happiness, purity, and perfection. This Seva and its benefits are nourished and accelerated by “Sraddha” (loving zeal with faith).

The 4 W’s

Wish It –  You have to wish intensely for your aims and objectives.
Will It – You have to motivate yourself and will to succeed.
Work for It  – Work in the right spirit, right meditation, right action in thought, speech and action.
Watch for It – With tremendous patience, you keep on struggling or fighting until God showers His Grace on you for ultimate success. Never despair. Never be frustrated. Never admit defeat. Never give up. Never surrender.

In the Holy Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna advises, inspires and energizes the disciple,

क्लैब्यं मा स्म गम: पार्थ नैतत्तवय्युपपद्यते |
क्षुद्रं हृदयदौर्बल्यं त्यक्त्वोत्तिष्ठ परन्तप ||

klaibyaṁ mā sma gamaḥ pārtha naitat tvayyupapadyate
kṣhudraṁ hṛidaya-daurbalyaṁ tyaktvottiṣhṭha parantapa

English Translation:

O Arjuna, don’t surrender to unmanliness (helplessness). This does not befit you, O destroyer of enemies. Awake and arise & banish this cowardliness, fear, and confusion. In the last verse of the Holy Bhagavad Gita, Sanjaya, the chief journalist and enlightened charioteer of the blind King Dhritarashtra (ignorant biological selfishness), concludes:

यत्र योगेश्वर: कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धर: |
तत्र श्रीर्विजयो भूतिध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम ||

yatra yogeśhvaraḥ kṛiṣhṇo yatra pārtho dhanur-dharaḥ
tatra śhrīr vijayo bhūtir dhruvā nītir matir mama

English Translation

Wherever there is The Mighty Warrior Arjuna (symbol of efficiency, sincerity, dedication, fearlessness) and the effective, loving spiritual guidance of Lord Krishna, The Lord of Yoga, there has to be good fortune, victory, prosperity, power and right decision making and faultless policy and principles. This is my final and supreme inner conviction”, declares Sanjaya in The Bhagavad Gita

You are no less Divine

Don’t underestimate yourself. If you can’t control & guide your thoughts, then practice daily our original Kriya Yoga Pranayam and meditation. Your mind will automatically be calm. You will get concentration power and your efficiency will increase. If you are meeting failures, obstacles in life, if you are nervous and lack self-confidence, then practice daily Kriya Yoga with sincerity. This will remove the astrological and Karmic defects inherent in the Chakras (vital energy and Pranic centers in the spine). This will also help us in overcoming obstacles, dangers and, failures everywhere.

kriya yoga - key to self realization

Never admit defeat

You will get calmness, fearlessness and inner peace. However, there is no substitute for sustained hard work. There is a saying in Oriya (one of the classical major modern language of India ).

ଉଦଜୋଗୀ ଜଣ ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀନନ୍ଦନ ହୁଅନ୍ତି ସର୍ବ କଲେ କାମରେ ଥିଲ ,ଦଇବ ଦେଲା ପୁରୁଷଂଧାମ ଭଲେ
udjogi jana laxminandana huanti sarba kale kamare thila, doiba dela purushandhama bhale

English Translation:

The meaning is, the energetic, hard-working enterprising person becomes the favorite child of the Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune. And the worthless, self-doubting, lethargic unenterprising person laments that it is in his Karma or Destiny or astrology, that he will get.

Have a spirit of Adventure

You have to be like Arjuna (of the great epic Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita). So that God Himself will befriend you and guide you to success, victory, prosperity, and good fortune. Banish fear, superstition, hesitancy, lethargy, and Jadaata. Cultivate and show signs of life everywhere. You are born to be real achievers and not a parasite. Please have faith in yourself and in your Creator too. Please remember, every heart and brain (including yours) is the Headquarters of God, His own kingdom. You can realize it in this very life (because you are able to read and study this Divinely inspired message.

God is the only Truth.

May God and Gurus, Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire you and your loved ones and remove your troubles.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji