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  • joys

    Most of us know the story of the Mahabharat when the dispute between the Kauravas and Pandavas over the kingdom went into extreme and resulted … Read ArticleVictory, where is Thy Joy?

  • tributes

    As time passed there came a lucky day that I got initiation from Swamiji, which purified my body, mind, ego, negativity, decay, and disease. I didn’t know how much I understood all the meanings and aspects of the Kriya Yoga at that time.

  • Spirituality is the core of the heart of all religions. Yoga in general and Kriya Yoga, in particular, is an art and science of spirituality.

    Kriya Yoga is a positive scientific technique to realize Inner Self- free from the conflicts of dualities without burdening the philosophical view of the soul.

  • faith

    When a man feels that Absolute Joy, he attains the Supreme Knowledge, and becomes identical with the Ananda Swarupa Brahma.

  • kriya yoga technique

    Mind is charged with positive energy. Worry & anxiety due to negative thoughts disappear. Nervous system and hormonal system become balanced. Risks of diseases due to hormonal imbalance such as hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety are reduced.

  • unfolding divinity

    Brahman is the One and Only Truth. There is nothing beyond It and there is nothing other than It. It is the Highest Knowledge. It is the Eternal Infinity beyond Time and Space