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  • Pranayam and Behaviour


    Pranayam and Behaviour

    Psychology involves the psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, and the medical scientist. But, until and unless you control your own behavior and mind, how can you control the mind and the behavior of others? If a person arrives in an agitated mood, it becomes contagious. That’s why you must develop mind control and sense control before you can […]

  • Kriya Yoga – The Key to Self-Realization


    Kriya Yoga – The Key to Self-Realization

    In addition to peace and happiness, Kriya Yoga gives a strong and vigorous health.

  • The Philosophy of Yoga


    The Philosophy of Yoga

    One goes beyond the limitations of the body, the mind and the ego. Through regular practice yoga gives intuitive powers and leads man to perfection, the realization of the self.

  • Pranashakti and Kriya Yoga


    Pranashakti and Kriya Yoga

    The whole world is about the search for the ideal and unending joy, happiness and bliss.