Category: Devotion

  • ode to the guru

    Without the Teacher-Student tradition, progress, civilization, and survival are not possible.

  • The Song of the Soul


    Om, O Infinite One, lead me from untruth to the truth, lead me from darkness of ignorance to enlightenment of self-realization, lead me from spiritual death to self awareness. May the shining Soul manifest in me.

  • Dama, Daya and Dana


    Success comes with purity, patience, perseverance and practice.

  • on-the-altar-of-god's-love

    A negative approach in thoughts, speech and action is to be shunned. In this regard there is no better guide than The Holy Bhagavad Gita.

  • Guru and Guru Purnima


    Mahamuni Veda Vyāsa was born on this particular day of Ashada Purima (Mahashadi, Full Moon day of the month of Ashada). It is on this day, he completed writing, editing and compiling the 4 Vedas.

  • hands-of-prayer

    Only by realizing Him one can go beyond the cycle of birth and death. One can go beyond extreme ignorance of the Inner Self. There is no other way to gain Knowledge and Liberation

  • dikshya

    Dikshya or Dikhya means Dik + Darshan to God

  • “DAANA” (Donation)


    The alms that are given to the right person at the right place and time, and in the spirit that charity is a bounden duty done without any expectation, are said to be good