Category: Body and Mind

  • mind control

    This turbulent mind can be brought under control by repeated practice, tremendous patience and inner, emotional detachment.

  • Anger and Its Dangers

    anger (2)

    From the attachment and cravings, strong desires for those objects are generated. When obstacles and obstructions appear in the fulfillment of these desires; anger is generated.

  • How to control the mind ?


    When the wings of a high flying bird are completely broken, it can no longer fly.

  • Mental Association


    The mind is ever seeking pleasures, wrongly thinking sense pleasures as happiness, in these or through these organs of senses.

  • head-and-heart

    One has to calm down the restlessness and erratic tendencies of the mind.

  • thoughts

    The importance of your mind and thought is that you choose your thoughts wisely & live accordingly.

  • The City of Nine Gates


    Cranial Nerves can’t tell us the Real Truth, i.e., the presence of God in everything they are perceiving.

  • Importance of the Body

    importance of body and mind

    Every point of this body is represented in the human brain.