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  • Importance of Kenopanishad


    Importance of Kenopanishad

    The mind is matter and is conditioned. It is not free or independent or self-existent. By nature, the mind is extremely restless and extroverted.

  • The notions of Vidya and Avidya – Knowledge and Ignorance

    Some worship God through rituals, mantras, yantras, and prayers with no love or concentration of the mind. But God is beyond the reach of speech, mind, intellect, and ego.

  • The Supreme Life Energy


    The Supreme Life Energy

    It is God who does things and gets things done through us. He is the All-Knower.

  • The Real Worship of God


    The Real Worship of God

    The worshippers of demigods and nature spirits are motivated by selfish worldly success and sense pleasures. This does not give liberation or self-realization.

  • The Bhagavad Gita — A Manual for a Blessed Lifestyle

    There is no lifestyle better than the spiritually oriented lifestyle. It brings out the best in all persons and removes all fears and sufferings by helping one to realize the Truth, the Truth about oneself and about the Creation.

  • Kriya Yoga – Development of Mental Concentration, Positive Attitude, Faith and Practical Spirituality

    Kriya yoga as we all know is the best way of meditation. It is the smoothest, quickest, easiest mode of living a mentally, physically healthy and peaceful life and realizing one’s oneness with the Creator.

  • Vital Sequences of Learning and Practising Spirituality & Yoga

    Without Shraddha, the efforts will not be enough and mental self-discouragement will prevent sufficient effort and hence success.

  • The Truth about Oneness with God


    The Truth about Oneness with God

    Everything and all, whatever we perceive and we don’t perceive is pervaded by God, inside & outside the ultimate shelter of all creatures. So please remember, we are surrounded by God, we are filled up inside and outside with God. God is everywhere all the time.

  • Pranashakti – The Divine Primordial Energy


    Pranashakti – The Divine Primordial Energy

    Whatever you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, think, imagine, perceive or do, is Prana, the Life-Energy or Power of God.