Omnipresence of God – Ashtavakra Samhita Chapter1 Verse20

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एकं सर्वगतं व्योम बहिरन्तर्यथा घटे।
नित्यं निरन्तरं ब्रह्म सर्वभूतगणे तथा।।1.20।।

ekam sarbagatam byom bahir antarjathaa ghatey
nityam nirantaram brahmam sarba bhoota ganey tathaa
(Ashtavakra Chapter1 Verse20)

General Meaning:
The one and the same infinite space (Aakash) is existing everywhere. It is inside a pot or jar and also outside of the pot or jar. Similarly, the eternal, All-Pervading Brahmam exists in all things and beings.

Explanatory Notes:
An empty pot or jar appears empty but is occupied by space, Aakash or sky. The same space or Aakash or sky is also present inside and outside everything and being. It is All-Pervading. There is no place or time where God is not present.