The Physiological B…

The Physiological Benefits of Mahamudra Kriya

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Ancient Yoga scriptures describe Mahamudra as the Panacea for all diseases. It prevents most diseases and cures many. It prevents the negative and damaging effect of Time on body, mind and memory and intelligence. It slows down the aging process promising positive health and fitness. It heals from within. The beneficial effects of Mahamudra occur simultaneously for all the internal organs and body parts of human systems.

The brain and the nervous system- all three of them (Brain) central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and the automatic nervous system get real benefit simultaneously. The Heart and cardiovascular systems, the digestive, the hepatobiliary, the kidneys and genito-urinary system, the spleen and the immune system, the reproductive system, the musculoskeletal system, all get remarkable benefits by the daily practice of Mahamudra.

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