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The Spiritual Benefits of Mahamudra Kriya

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Mahamudra corrects the disorders of the spine and spinal cord. It awakens the Kundalini and energizes it to move up with the spirit in the main spiritual center in the Sahasrar.

  • This brings self- realization
  • It keeps the spine flexible and promotes and preserves youthfulness.
  • Together with Sushumna Kriya it prevents and cures chronic backache which is a common ailment amongst the IT professionals.
  • Daily practice of Mahamudra gives the power of self-control and sense control.
  • It gives a healthy, strong, lustrous personality and the joy of life and living.
  • It prevents premature old age and premature death.
  • By giving enhanced health, fitness, and energy and by improving mental concentration, it helps the practitioner to achieve success in whatever he undertakes.
  • As we all know success brings a special kind of joy and confidence and morale boosting.
  • However, all these become possible when people practice Mahamudra every single day, with love, faith and, zeal. One should learn it personally from an authorized Teacher or Yogacharya

Also one should check the technique and progress regularly from the teacher from time to time.

Wish you great success, joy, and Peace

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