The Influence of Desire – Bhagavad Gita Chapter3 Verse38

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धूमेनाव्रियते वह्निर्यथादर्शो मलेन च |
यथोल्बेनावृतो गर्भस्तथा तेनेदमावृतम् || 38||

dhoomenaa briyate banhir
jathaadarsho malena ch jatholbenaa
bruto garbhah tathaa tenedamaa brutam

(Bhagavad Gita Chapter3 Verse38)

As the fire is covered by the smoke, as dust covers the mirror and the embryo in the mother’s womb is covered by the amniotic fluid and amniotic sac, similarly, the SELF REALIZATION is covered and hidden by this Desires.

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