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5 Sources of All Actions – The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 15.

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शरीरवाङ्मनोभिर्यत्कर्म प्रारभते नर: |
न्याय्यं वा विपरीतं वा पञ्चैते तस्य हेतव: || 15||
shariravan-manobhir yat karma prarabhate narah
nyayyam va viparitam va panchaite tasya hetavah

The Bhagavad Gita Ch18 Verse 15

The 5 Factors:

  • The Body (Adhisthanam),
  • The Karta (the ego),
  • The Karanam (the organs of perceptions),
  • The Prithak Chesta (the different organs of actions) and,
  • The Daivam (destiny: the five elemental forces).

These 5 factors are the sources and substratum of all actions. Hence, these have regulatory, and, reward or punishment powers. This is known as destiny. On this or through this the Cosmic Law of Karma works. Only when the spiritual Seeker or Yogi has succeeded in rising beyond the Ego and has become Self Realized, does escape from the bondage of this Cosmic Law of Karma. This can be achieved through the daily sincere practice of Kriya Yoga, its philosophy, technique, and meditation. These involve Selfless Actions, physically, mentally and verbally. This Selfless actions necessarily means performing all actions as service to the spirit or Self or Soul or God. This also means Karma Phala Tyaag, meaning renunciation of the fruits of actions. This directly leads to liberation or Self Realization.

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