Jyoti Mudra Kriya – The Remover of Sins

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The Praana is present in every being as an undifferentiated life energy. On differentiation, it is perceived as: 

  • Divine Sound
  • Divine Vibration
  • Divine Light

These 3 Divine Energies or HigherLife Energy can be perceived by practising the Jyoti Mudra(or Yoni Mudra) of the original and classical Kriya Yoga. These energies can be within oneself by following the Gurus instructions and doing the techniques correctly.

In Jyoti Mudra one can perceive this Supreme Power of God as Divine Light or Light of the Inner Self or the Soul. One can perceive this divine light by the third eye or wisdom eye or pure consciousness; it is not visible to external eyes.

When one perceives this light of God or “Atmajyoti” or Soul light, one is filled with peace, inner joy, and calmness. The eyes become bright, shining and calm. All restlessness and nervousness are gone.

One becomes, calmly active and actively calm. The bright sunlight like light but the cool and soothing light of the full moon has healing power. This nectar like Divine light pervades all the cells, tissues, organs, limbs of the body.



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