Who realises God?

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Na bhayam sukha duhkham ch tathaa maanapamaanayoh
Etadbhaaba binirmuktam tadgraahyam brahmam tatparam tadgraahyam brahmamtatparamiti
(Tejabindu upanisad; verse 13)

General Meaning:
The Brahmam (God) cannot be realized by those, who are not free from fear, not free from pleasure and pain, and, not free from honor and dishonor. To the person who is free from these ideas, the Supreme Brahmam (God) reveals Himself. Also, Brahmam manifests itself to that person, whose, greatest and highest shelter is Brahmam. Yes, that Supreme Brahmam manifests Himself to that person only, whose, the only and highest shelter is Brahmam.