What is Kshetra (field)?

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Dear Divine friends,

The description of Kshetra – desire or Sankalpa, hatred or repulsion, pleasure or joy, pain or sufferings, all these hold together as a functional unit, the consciousness and fortitude. If you think deeply and meditate on this knowledge, it will be clear that, the Kshetra or the field or your body is your material aspect. It is not the whole of you. The Spirit, Soul makes your egoistic personality whole. However, yoga scriptures declare that the truth is deeper and higher. Your real identity is the deathless Soul or the Spirit. It is not many, but the One, the Absolute, the SAT CHIT ANANDA. Intellectual conviction or knowledge will not bring you the eternal joy of freedom or liberation. Through sufficient practice of Kriya Yoga and meditation, you will perceive it in your heart and will be established in the Truth i.e. TAT TWAM ASIThat Thou Art.

May that Supreme, bless, guide, protect and inspire you. Make your life enjoyable. Please remember that  MANO MAATRAM, JAGATmeaning the mind is the occasion of this creation whose functional unit is the world.

With Love and Best Wishes Paramahansa Atmanandaji