Birthday of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya – A message from Gurudev Ji

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“Today, the 30th of September is the birth anniversary of our Param Guru Paraptara Guru Sri Lahiri Mahasaya. Today we are celebrating with Love and Reverence the birthday of our beloved and most revered Param Guru Paraptara Guru Punyasloka Yogiraj Sri Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya. With humbleness, we remember him and pray to him for his blessings and guidance for our spiritual practice and advancement towards God Realization.

He is the personification of ideal human life as taught by our Adi Guru Lord Krishna in the Holy Bhagavad Gita. He perfected the practice of Kriya Yoga and Practical spirituality and became the Second Shiva of Kashi Benaras. He advised every body to practice Kriya Yoga daily as much as possible and enjoy peace, happiness, good health and good fortune & attain God Realization in this life.

Through his tremendous spirituality, Sadhana and miraculous powers he blessed & helped innumerable people of the whole world to advance in both material and spiritual life. And finally to attain God Realization. The God Like, Punyasloka Lahiri Mahasaya, is personification of health and Happiness and Godliness. On this most auspicious day, let us all do Sat Sankalpa and vow to practice Kriya Yoga twice daily as long as we live. This is the wish and command of our Param Guru, Paraatpara Guru, Yogiraj Punyasloka Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.”

May he bless, guide, protect and inspire all of us  & also remove our troubles and obstacles.