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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body


Pranayam and Behaviour

Psychology involves the psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, and the medical scientist. But, until and unless you control your own behavior and mind, …

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self help

Self help is the best help

The meaning of self-help can be many. If not properly understood, it can prevent further advancement or development and can …

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philosophy of yoga

The Philosophy of Yoga

One goes beyond the limitations of the body, the mind and the ego. Through regular practice yoga gives intuitive powers and leads man to perfection, the realization of the self.

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The Master Speaks….

One should not visit the temple, a Sanyasi or Holy Person, the Guru or the elders of the family empty-handed.

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Hepatic Health

The liver detoxifies the toxins which enter our body, with food and drinks.

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